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What’s trending at workplaces worldwide in 2014?

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The start of any year is a great time to talk about tips, trends and expectations from the coming months. Here we will be discussing the hottest trends that are making waves at workplaces globally.

Going Global: workplace trends

One of the biggest statements that could be heard from startups to Fortune 500 establishments was- “We’re going global”. All sorts of businesses ranging from your everyday grocery stores to construction cost calculators, there are many people and enterprises who are stepping into online business at a global scale. The undeniable role of technology has made it possible for organizations to reach to a global customer market, which in turn is creating greater opportunities.

Milllennnials are IN:

A lot of jobs are in the market for millennials (candidates in their 20s and 30s). Since the younger generation is fast, has greater adaptability and is highly tech-savvy, they make the perfect employees who can be taught and trained to lead the organization in future. A younger workforce is amongst the hottest trends on the planet right now.

Behavioral Training:

Earlier the organizations majorly stressed on improving work-skills, but now the focus has shifted to overall skills required at the workplace. Behavior workshops, attitude at the workplace and values are inculcated through trainings and seminars. Positive and out of box thinking is encouraged and activities are organized to strengthen team spirit.

Talent Hiring:

The fact still remains that people possessing talent are recruited, before they even start looking for a job. Organizations churn out the best from the talent pool and offer them opportunities at a global scale. The rise of internship, apprenticeship and college recruitment programs are strong signals indicating that enterprises are working hard to acquire, hire and retain talent.

Motivation is the Key:

Organizations are keeping their employees engaged and inspired through motivation. Strongly advertising values and benefits associated with the organization, making individual efforts stand out through broadcasting within the employee network and sharing best practices with a greater audience are some of the ways people are inspired and motivated to work.

Though some of these trends in their infant stage stick only to a few organizations and industries, but some trends are universal.

The mantra for this year is to get more with less. Talent is valued and retained. To keep yourself competitive- be innovative and creative and align with the corporate goals.


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