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How to make Twitter your Best Buddy in search for Jobs?

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In our previous posts we have hinted that social media is the hottest pool where employers are searching for potential candidates. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are some of the places where people have found jobs.

In today’s post we will share with you the tactics for job seekers to make Twitter their best buddy in landing up a great job. hashtags

The power of social media today can be tapped with a lesser known tool known as #HASHTAG.  A lot of people are already on the band wagon tweeting away almost all their posts with a heavy dosage of hashtags, but there are some nice ways to find what you are looking for by following these tips.

The first thing that you can do is list down a couple of hashtags that you can follow which are relevant to your niche. For example, a generalized hashtag for job seekers is #jobseekers and a more specific one is #ITjobs. In order to find out some popular hashtags related to your searches, you can use a free online service which is simply great. To use this service when you type a hashtag in your post, add and it will generate hashtags which are closely related to the one you have typed.

Additionally you can follow these hashtags to stay close to the jobs that are posted on twitter:

  1. #Job or #Jobs
  2. #JobSeekers or #JobSearch
  3. #JobOpening or #JobOpenings
  4. #Career or #Careers
  5. #Hiring or #WeAreHiring or #HiringNow
  6. #Resume or #PostYourResume
  7. #Employment
  8. #TweetMyJob or #TweetMyJobs
  9. #JobHunt
  10. #Recruitment2014

Don’t forget to add some industry specific hashtags to your list like the one listed above in the example. Feel free to share your ideas with us for finding the relevant jobs on Twitter and other social media. Happy Job Hunting!


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