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How to screw up your Job Interview?

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A lot has been said about what to do when going for an interview. What about the things you are not supposed to do? Today we bring you a list of most common interview mistakes that can screw up your chance of landing a good job. So, sit tight and take notes now to avoid these pitfalls.

1.       Zero Preparation: 16interview2

So if you are part of the lot who thinks that doing your homework before going for an interview is not important; you can kiss your golden chance of cracking the job goodbye. Employers are looking for people who can help their business and who show a level of commitment to learn and grow. When you come prepared for an interview with a basic knowledge of the organization where (if hired) you would be working for a couple of years of your life, it shows you are willing to be a part of the team. Don’t forget: Every little effort counts.

2.       Sorry I Am Late: Dont-Be-Late-3

The biggest blunder that will be an immediate turn off for your interviewer is to turn up late. Traffic and alarm issues are everyday cup of tea. But if you cannot manage your timing to turn up on time for an important job interview, then God help you. It’s not likely that the world’s biggest natural disaster would occur on the day of your interview to make up for an excuse. It is always best to arrive early to avoid the delays caused by traffic jams, road accidents, ill-health or last minute emergencies. Be safe than sorry.

3.       You Are What You Wear: costume-superhero-1-clipart

There is actually a lot of truth in the statement: First impression is the last impression. Dressing up well for an interview is your first step towards successful clearing. Even if casual is the trend followed these days, a little effort to dress up formally helps puts your best foot forward.  A pro tip here is to wear neat and polished shoes, because your shoes are the first thing anyone notices about you.

4.       Can’t Be Tamed: 6a00e54ef2e21b88330105349c7717970b-800wi5

Avoid unnecessary physical movements like fidgeting, crossing your arms and legs, biting your lips or slouching in the chair. Tame your body language when you are seated affront an interview panel. Look the interviewer in the eye and speak confidently. Try your best to engage the person you are communicating with. Though we all get a little nervous when appearing for a crucial interview but this nervousness should not reflect in your body language. Practicing the general interview questions beforehand will surely help.

5.       Somebody- Stop Me: shut-up5

Most of the interviewers try to break the barrier and keep the conversation light in the beginning. It is a good thing to get comfortable and start communicating but it is very bad if you don’t stop. Some people once start, they just keep on rambling about anything and everything. A good thing to remember is to shut up. When an interviewer asks you to tell a little bit about yourself, he actually means little. Try and keep your responses brief so that there is enough time to discuss your professional skills and expertise.

In addition to these Don’ts you should also avoid badmouthing the previous employers. The world is smaller than you think and who knows that the company you hate so much is actually an important client to the one you are interviewed for.

The biggest pitfall to avoid is to lose your confidence in case you don’t make it. There is always a next chance and opportunities will also remain. Learn to take every experience in your stride and move on.


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