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Are you a social job seeker?

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If you are a job seeker who is active on the social media in the hunt for a new job then you are a social job seeker. The growing trend of social job seekers is making news around the globe. Let’s take a look at life of social job seeker. 

Why are job seekers on social platforms? Facebook-Twitter-LinkedIn-Pinterest-Google-Plus-526x2481

Earlier the only ways a candidate could reach an organization for job were limited. As more and more organizations are willing to contact potential job seekers through engaging social platforms, more and more candidate are becoming hooked. There are many organizations that are willing to hire people through LinkedIn and other trusted sources. This is a breeze of relief for those people who sometimes miss out on good opportunities as they cannot get in touch with the company of their choice.

Where is all the activity? LinkedInAudit

According to the 2014 report by Jobvite, 94% of the recruiters today are on LinkedIn looking for their future employees. 83% of the recruiters use Facebook to source candidates. The interesting point here is that majority of the candidates apply for jobs through their mobile devices. The greater mobility offered by social platforms is a key factor why there is an exponential rise in the number of social job seekers. People can look for better opportunities while working in the office, in their bed, while commuting and even in their restrooms through mobile devices.

How to reach out and increase your chances? reach-out92

One thing that you can do to increase your chances of reaching out a HR recruiter is to customize your invitation. LinkedIn invite can be customized where you can share your reason of reaching out to a particular recruiter, while briefly explaining why you should be considered for a role. Most people do not customize their social invites, but those who do have a greater chance at getting noticed.

For example, “ABC is an organization that has built its reputation in the field of B2B Marketing. I am a marketing graduate with 3 years of experience in B2B and B2C. My professional skills entitle me as a potential candidate in your firm for the position of Marketing Executive. I hope we can connect.

Maintain a positive online profile online-profile-001

Although social job seekers have greater opportunities to find a job with the company of their choice, but there’s a catch. Online behaviors are monitored and negative actions can bring your social image to doom. What you say and indulge in social platforms makes an impression of you in the eyes of the recruiters. So, maintain a clean profile to make the most of your abilities and favorable chances you might encounter through your social job search.


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