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Watch out for these lies during job search

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Job hungry candidates and recruiters can go to the extent of lying to close unexciting jobs. Often the job seeking candidates lie to show how they can be the best fit for a job opening, but what about the lies you hear from the recruiters? 

In this post we are sharing some lies job seekers hear during their job search and what they should do in such situations.

Number One Lie Missing-Piece

We are still finalizing the salary bracket and reporting status for this opening.

There are many times when the recruiters are not able to tell the candidate about the salary range defined and who he/she would report to once hired. It is highly unprofessional to reach out to a candidate without even deciding on a salary bracket and reporting structure. It is basically a lie to cover up the shortcomings in their recruitment process or they haven’t really worked out the job details before offering up the job. Avoid working for such companies where poor communication or incomplete information passed down to the recruiters about the openings causes such confusion.

If you are faced by such a lie simply turn down the offer, by asking to put the recruitment process on hold till all the job details are worked out. It is not a wise decision to engage with organizations who offer half-cooked assignments to job seekers.

Number Two Lie 43903165

The Manager who was supposed to take your interview had to leave because of a family/business emergency. We would have to put the interview on hold for now.

Right after you have cleared the written tests and technical rounds, when the time comes for you to finally meet the Department Manager a family/business emergency crops up. Although in reality such medical or business emergencies rarely occur in the life of their Manager, but this excuse is put up for most of the candidates. This lie is usually meant to buy more time. Taking the interview would mean finally closing the opening and giving the candidate a final answer. To avoid this, recruiters come up with such excuses by delaying the interview.

If you get such a response from the recruiter, then firstly ask them when would the Manager return and when can the interview be held. In case you don’t get a concrete answer like within a week or 10 days, you should take the hint and back off. It is time to look for another opportunity. Simply thank the recruiter for the job offer and ask him to contact you only after the Manager has returned.

Number Three Lie Become-a-Change-Agent

You will have support from our team to bring out the change in this job.

This one is definitely a lie to watch out for. Organizations that want to make you the next new thing on the job by making you a scape-goat are no good. If the boss and leaders in the organization have not been able to envision and implement the changes that they wanted long ago, having you in that position would do no good. When an organization really wants change, it does everything it can to make that a reality. Hiring just another candidate and pinning the hopes of change onto him is foolish.

If you hear such a lie, ask the recruiter what kind of change do they envision and what efforts have already been put in to accomplish that. If they really haven’t done anything nor do they have a vision for the so called “Change”, it is time to bid adieu to that job opening.

While looking for good job opportunities try not to be tricked by such lies you might encounter during your job search. Find an organization that best deserves your talent.


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